Q&A With TRIO Student Nataliya

Q&A With TRIO Student Nataliya

Get to know a few of NHCC's past and present TRIO members. Introducing, Nataliya McCoy!

To start off, could you tell us a little bit about your background?

I am originally from Ukraine and I am a mom of three teenage girls. I decided to go back to school, after being a housewife and raising my daughters for many years.

Why did you choose to get involved with TRIO?

At NHCC's orientation, we were informed about the TRIO program and I decided to apply. I am a pre-nursing student. I have 3 classes left before getting into Nursing school. I’m not sure when my graduation date will be yet, it depends on when I am ready to apply.

What did you learn throughout your TRIO experience and how did it impact you?

I had a wonderful experience with the TRIO program at NHCC. Everyone is extremely supportive and genuinely interested in the success of each student. I would never make it without the guidance, support, and welcoming environment of TRIO. They all became like a second family for me. TRIO gave me leadership opportunities and the ability to participate in the Women's Voice Leadership Forum with inspiring women leaders in the community. At this event, women leaders from different backgrounds and professions are invited to share their stories of success with female TRIO students. Another event TRIO organizes every year, is the TRIO Fall Welcome. This event allows TRIO students a chance to meet their fellow students. You can bring a guest, listen to the inspiring speakers and be a part of an award ceremony for TRIO achievers. There is a free dinner and you can even win prizes. At one of the TRIO Fall Welcoming events, I learned about study abroad opportunities. I was not sure if it was even an option for me, but the TRIO Director, advisors, tutors and administrative assistant made me go for it. They went with me through a very extensive application process, polished my compositions, and helped me apply for scholarships. As a result, I spent a month studying in Spain with two other NHCC TRIO students. I also got a chance to meet TRIO students from different states and schools and take classes at a very prestigious University, while I experienced Spanish culture. In addition, NHCC’s TRIO program has amazing Science and English tutors. I worked with all of them. Tutors were an essential part of my academic performance. They helped me by explaining material in an easy language and gave advice on how to study efficiently. TRIO also has Biology and English sections and study groups. Their tutors work with your professors and are there during lectures and labs to support us students in any way possible. With TRIO, you can even rent expensive calculators, or lecture audio recorders for class. My TRIO advisors are the best. They helped me pick the right courses/professors for me and answered my financial questions. Soon I have to take a TEAS exam and TRIO has 2-week workshops for students who need to take it. The workshop reviews all of the required subjects, to help students feel confident they can get a good score. If I ever have a question, or problem I can always rely on TRIO for help. They were always there for me when I needed them most. I appreciate every one of the TRIO staff. They are wonderful and selfless, caring people, who do everything for students’ success. They change students’ lives for the better and I am very appreciative of everything they did for me!

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