NHCC Is Built On Equipping Leaders

NHCC Is Built On Equipping Leaders


What brought you to North Hennepin?

I’m from Vancouver, Canada and I recently moved to Brooklyn Park with my family. I transferred from my junior college to pursue a nursing degree at NHCC. I like the idea of helping others and obtaining my nursing degree will surely be the icing on the cake. I’d rather give and help other people, rather than receiving because it brings me no fulfillment.

What’s the most unique thing about NHCC?

How centered and convenient NHCC is in commuting from my home. Also, how it connects the Brooklyn Park community as a whole.

What would you like to accomplish this year?

I’d like to meet new people and welcome others so that I won’t miss out on opportunities that could beneficial to my future.




Why NHCC and how long have you attended?

This is my third year here at NHCC. I’m passionate about public and national issues, thus my journalism major. I chose NHCC because I grew up in Brooklyn Park and it had affordable student tuition. NHCC has been a great support system, setting me up for success.

How are you involved on Campus?

I’m a work-study employee in the liberal arts office and I attend a lot of diversity initiatives. I also got connected to a TV station, where I now work, by a previous volunteering opportunity at NHCC.

What encouragement could you offer upcoming students?

Be hands on and communicate with student support services on campus. It is needed for you to succeed because NHCC moves greatly on the cry of its students. Our president is very accessible, so go see her. I also appreciate NHCC’s campus because it’s a one stop shop for my family. My dad is an educator and an advocate for social justice, while my stepmother is an instructor here at NHCC.

Photography and Q&A by Mallory Harris.

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