Digital Photography Students Capture Summer

Digital Photography Students Capture Summer

Most students would be reluctant to put the words "summer" and "schoolwork" together, but these NHCC students seized their opportunity to create! Art faculty, Will Agar challenged his summer session Digital Photography students to alter their perspectives.

The images below reflect three separate visual assignments: Photographer's Eye, Abstraction and Commonly Seen, Seen Uncommonly. 

agar-Yang Maoyao Yang_PhotographerEye3.jpg

This photo was shot by Maoyao Yang, to reflect the Photographer's Eye theme.

Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 4.15.03 PM.png

This photo was shot by Alison Oslin and titled Vegas Colors. It reflects the theme of Abstraction. 

1298319-12063805 - Barthel Jessica Barthel_Cabin-Life.jpg

Titled Cabin Life, this photo was shot by Jessica Barthel, to reflect the Photographer’s Eye theme. 

3031720-12063808 - Lynch Casey LynchC_CommonlySeenSeenUncommonly.jpg

This photo was shot by Casey Lynch, to reflect the Commonly Seen, Seen Uncommonly theme. 

3319621-12063812 - Mus Stella Mus_Abstraction.jpg

This photo was shot by Stella Mus, to reflect the theme of Abstraction.

3031721-12063808 - Lynch Kelley Lynchk_commonly_seen.jpg

This photo was shot by Kelley Lynch, to reflect the Commonly Seen, Seen Uncommonly theme. 

3057351-12063805 - Johnson Gabrielle Johnson_PhotographersEye.jpg

This photo reflects the Photographer's Eye theme and was shot by Gabrielle Johnson. 

3069578-12063808 - Yang Maoyao Yang_CommonlySeen_SeenUncommonly.jpg

Maoyao Yang took this photo to reflect the Commonly Seen, Seen Uncommonly theme. 

3093196-12063805 - Tasca Mihaela Tasca_RuleofThirds.jpg

This photo, titled Rule of Thirds, was taken by Mihaela Tasca and represents the Photographer's Eye theme. 

3116053-12063805 - Bitzer Mickenzi Bitzer_Dockdog.jpg

Mickenzi Bitzer took this photo to represent the Photographer’s Eye theme, it is titled, Dog Dock. 

3348959-12063808 - Falls Carrena Falls_CommonlySeen.jpg

This photo represents the theme of Commonly Seen, Seen Uncommonly and was taken by Carrena Falls. 


This photo by Mickenzi Bitzer is representative of the Abstraction theme. 


This final photo was taken by Camille Rosenfeld and reflects the Photographer's Eye. 

A round of applause for our Digital Photography students! Your work is impressive! 

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