Don Davis Law Enforcement Endowed Scholarship recipient Junehee Han

Don Davis Law Enforcement Endowed Scholarship recipient Junehee Han

Junehee Han, a recipient of this year's Don Davis Law Enforcement Endowed Scholarship personifies gratitude. He celebrates how the award he received is a sacred charge, and promise of making “the most” out of the opportunity afforded him. The campus gave $102,300 in scholarships this year and we are grateful to our donors for their commitment to helping students achieve new levels of success.

His gratitude was captured in a thank you note to his Donor, former Foundation Board member, and Brooklyn Park Police Chief, Don Davis.

My name is Junehee Han, and I am the recipient of this year's Don Davis Law Enforcement Endowed Scholarship. I want to start by thanking you so much for the scholarship opportunity you have provided me in my pursuit of studies towards the Law Enforcement degree. This scholarship is going to make a huge difference in making me worry less about finances as I navigate the field of being a student. 

I moved to Minnesota 5 years ago to my wife here. I began my pursuit of Law Enforcement due to my passion of helping people within a community feel safer in their environment. My biggest challenge has been adapting to a country in which I am not a native speaker of the language. I have learned English from a young age but it was in the past 2 years that I finally began to have confidence in my abilities to speak the language. With encouragement from peers, professors and my family, I feel like I have been able to overcome this barrier. With this degree, I hope to work as a local police officer but eventually move on to work in areas such as the CBP or USCIS as I feel like it would suit my talents more.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this award and I promise to make the most of this opportunity.

Once again thank you so much.

Warmest Regards,
Junehee Han

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