2019 Presidential Medallion Recipient

2019 Presidential Medallion Recipient

Pictured above is 2019 NHCC Presidential Medallion recipient Addie Finch Tessman with husband, Eldon Tessman (1996 NHCC Presidential Medallion recipient), and a few of her children and grandchildren.

The Presidential Medallion is awarded by the NHCC president to community members who have demonstrated extraordinary service and commitment to the success of the college and its students.

Former NHCC President McDonald's Message to Addie Tessman

Addie Finch Tessman served at NHCC in various roles from September 1974 to January 2004. After retiring, Addie returned numerous times as a temporary worker in Accounting and Fees, the Bookstore, Counseling, and IT.

Her first position was in the Registration Office where she served for about 3 years before moving to Community Services as secretary to Dean Don McGuire. She served in that role for about 6 years until the position opened as secretary to Dean of Students, Sheldon Anderson. The position evolved over the years and she eventually became the Office Manager of Student Services which was the position she held when retiring. During her nearly 30 years at NHCC, she basically covered every area but the President’s Office.

Addie is tireless when it comes to promoting NHCC. She and her husband Eldon provide scholarships to students, she volunteers at the NHCC President's Cup Golf Classic and attends numerous events on campus throughout each year. Addie is also a member of the Brooklyn Park Rotary Club and is involved with the annual fundraising game dinner and reads to elementary school children along with many other Rotarian projects. Finally, Addie is involved in her church and is a long-standing member of the Northwest Singing Seniors.

Addie Tessman's Acceptance Speech


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