Under Construction Named Best Magazine In Nation

Under Construction Named Best Magazine In Nation

In September, the Community College Humanities Association (CCHA) named the 2017 edition of Under Construction the overall best magazine in the nation. The award was the 34th regional or national award in the publication’s 50-year history, making it one of the longest running traditions at NHCC.

Since its first edition in 1968, Under Construction has afforded students the unique opportunity to submit their work to a competitive literary and arts journal designed and published by their fellow classmates.

Each spring, following the evaluation of submissions, graphic design students are charged with leading the design process from initial concept to final production. The process, facilitated by faculty members Jason Schoch and Jean Fouilloux, forces the students to put their classroom knowledge into action while staying within the confines of a fixed budget. Throughout the project, students often encounter real-life challenges associated with the cost of materials, space constraints, or navigating and evaluating the production bidding process.

“Sometimes the initial bids come back and it’s a wakeup call,” said Schoch. “I remember one of the first years I was here a bid came back and it was 2.5 times our budget. It forced us to go back to the drawing board and rework our concept.”

Despite occasional challenges, the graphic design and English students work together to deliver a stunning product year-after-year. If you wish to view a digital copy of Under Construction 2017, visit www.nhcc.edu/about-nhcc/publications/under-construction

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